The application takes place online and the process is identical for both national and international candidates (see below for the required documents). To carry out the application process, the candidate must access the Application Portal, where the online application is available: Application Portal.

1st Stage of Applications: Open until 29 March (classes start at the end of January 2020 – to be confirmed).


Number of vacancies: 10  (classes start at the end of January 2019 – to be confirmed).


You should attach the following documents:

» Motivation Letter, indicating the objectives to be achieved, up to a maximum of two pages. It is important to emphasize the themes or ​​project idea that you want to develop, as well as illustrate how your undergraduate training, and professional history, suggests preparation for this course and its contents/objectives. The letter should show good academic and professional preparation and the motivation involved in the application. – Weighting factor: 40%;

» Certificate of BA, with indication of the final classification/average of the degree (if you do not already have, at the date of the application, your certificate, you can submit a list of curricular units already taken, and your application is pending until the delivery of the Degree Certificate ). The candidate can present himself with a degree in any field of knowledge. – Weighting factor: 30%

» Curriculum vitae. The curriculum should highlight the academic and professional experiences that most contribute to a profile within trends studies, specifically trends management and communication. Other postgraduate and specialization training will be considered. – Weighting factor: 30%;

» Identification Document.


Note. You may also attach other diplomas, portfolio, documents or certificates that you consider useful to your application. The application must be made ON-LINE, with a fee of € 55.00. (Note: Applicants, if admitted, must present the original documents to the Academic Services to allow their authentication).